Sunday, June 19, 2011

You know you have been in Israel a while when…

I'm coming up on the four month marker of my time here in Israel. While being immersed in this culture, I've noticed a few behavioral changes :

1. You’ve replaced the word “um” for “em.”

2. You eat a cucumber whole, like you would an apple.

3. The words “the conflict” will always refer to one conflict, and one conflict only.

4. You cut lines.

5. You drink two more cups of coffee a day then you did at home.

6. You’ve stopped using please and thank you.

7. More volume the better with your hair.

8. You’ve become a pedophile because all attractive people in uniform are probably 18.

9. You panic Friday morning when you realize the only food you have to last you through Shabbat is brown rice and an onion.

10. Breakfast is not complete without a fresh vegetable and a cheese of some kind.

11. You go through a carton of hummus every few days.

12. You no longer care when a gun is pointed towards you on the bus.

13.  You wear sandals on every occasion.

14. You press your fingers together and shake your hand in someone’s face to say “wait a minute.”

15.  You bought a nargila (hookah).

16. Falafel is a staple.

17. You put tehina (a yummy sauce made from sesame seeds) on your frozen yogurt.

18. You drink chocolate milk out of a bag.

19. Your skin has turned a darker shade of brown.

20.  You treat Thursdays like Fridays and Saturdays like Sundays (the work week here is from Sunday-Thursday).

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